Armenian athletes came back from international tournament with a silver prize.

October 29, 2016

Armenian athletes came back from international tournament with a golden prize.

HARTAK.am – hosted the President of “Dragon Boat” Federation, the coaching staff and the athletes, who recently took the second place in “Golden Dragon” international contest in Kiev, Ukraine.

Makar Sargsyan, the president of the federation told that the federation was founded in 2014. The core objective is the development of the different fields of “Dragon Boat” (amateur, professional, corporate,etc)  and  combining the pleasure with profit.

The victory of our team in Ukraine indeed was a big achievement for us, as the group that represented Armenia took the second honorable place among 9 teams. This gave us a huge experience, fame, and many people who saw our success expressed a desire to engage in this sport.

The president of the federation told about the further plans;”On December, we are going to participate in the tournament of “The Armenian Cup”. And in the near future we are planning to participate in “European and World championships and a number of international tournaments”.

Gevorg Gyulumyan, the executive Director of the “Dragon Boat” Federation, highlighted the achievements of the Federation, noting the atmosphere that exists in the team, the supernatural strength and perseverance within the competition. “Besides power boating, our athletes are successful in life and profession; there are professional athletes, nurses, travel agents, businessmen among them.”

A lovely athlete named Ani Hayrapetyan told;
“ This is a kind of sport that one can fall in love at first sight, this is a drive, adrenaline and also healthy. Though it is the 6 month that I am a Dragon Boat athlete, but power boating has become a priority for me”.

The athlete Samvel Atoyan told that this kind of sport allows engagement with no age limit combining the pleasure with profit.

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