Armenian National Federation of Dragon Boat is engaged in the development of
sports for the disabled, including children and adults with physical and mental problems.
We are engaged with Kharberd children from specialized orphanages, children of
the Dzorak mental health care center, the children of “The Warm Corner” first long-term
group house, the children with mental problems of Youth Day Care in “Salvation”
center,with children at Mari Izmirlian Children’s Home (0-18 years, children with mental
and physical disorders that are of special care). Apart from these institutions, the
federation cooperates with orphanages and centers that are intended for people with
special needs.
The training of these 3 years has shown great physical and mental improvements
among children. We have more than 200 athletes. This fact is a great achievement for
us, and we are happy to welcome individuals with special needs as well as individuals
and children with physical disabilities.


Dear Benefactors, if you have sent by mistake more money than you planned,
please feel free to contact us at (+374) 44 81 12 19 and we will transfer your money back.